Visa to Norway

Many foreign citizens need a visa to visit Norway. What type of visa you need to apply for depends on the reason for visiting. Different types of visa have different conditions, and there are also different conditions for you as an applicant. Here is the main types of VISA:

Kindly note that the Swedish Embassy in Addis Abeba is issuing Schengen visa for travelling to Norway. Read more

Applicants who have a family member living in Norway, or applicants who want to start a family with a person living there, may apply for a family immigration permit to go to Norway and live together with him or her. The person in Norway must have a Norwegian or Nordic citizenship, or a residence permit constituting grounds for family immigration. Read more

If you wish to study or work in Norway for a longer period of time, you must apply for a residence permit. Read more

Links to relevant information for those who have immigrated to Norway or for those who are in the process of doing so. Read more