The Nordic Film Festival 2017 took place May 24th – 27th, at Alliance ethio-francaise in Addis Ababa. After the success of last year, the embassies of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark decided to come together and organize this event again - this year with the topic of youth empowerment. Read more

The Nordic Film Festival was organized by the Embassies of Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden, in cooperation with the student association Yellow Movement and the Goethe-Institut. 
Photo: Nordic Film Festival Addis Ababa.

On May 9-13, the Nordic Embassies in Addis Ababa hosted the first Nordic Film Festival in Addis Ababa, with the theme “Women’s Empowerment”. The festival was a success and we thank everyone who came to Goethe-Institut to watch the different screenings. Read more

On May 9-13, the Nordic Embassies in Addis Ababa are hosting a Nordic Film Festival, with the theme “Women’s Empowerment”, to take place at the Goethe-Institut in Addis Ababa. There will be screenings every night from 6.00 pm, and the screenings are free for all. Read more

Lamb, the first Ethiopian film selected for the Cannes

Ethiopian 1st time director Yared Zeleke signs in with LAMB. On board as Norwegian co-producer for the film is Allan R. Milligan and Film Farms. The film is supported by Sørfond with grants from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Read more

From the performance I.B.S.E.N. Portuguese scholarship winner 2012. 
Photo: Susana Paiva.

Funds for professional theatre performances based on Henrik Ibsen’s plays are now available. Read more

Nordic Films for Children were screened for more than 600 Ethiopian school children at the 9th Ethiopian International Film Festival. Read more

The restoration and rehabilitation of Fasiledes Bath located within the World Heritage site of the Fasil Gebi complex in the town of Gondar, located 770 km northwest of Addis Ababa is nearing completion with the financial assistance of Norway. Read more

One hundred and fourteen years have passed since Italian forces were beaten at Adwa in their attempt to colonize Ethiopia. In the 1930/40s- Mussolini’s Fascist regime tried again through a bloody occupation of Ethiopia. But unlike many other countries who have suffered bloody invasions and conquests, Ethiopia has embraced many cultural traditions from its former foe. Read more

January 7th is Ethiopian Christmas. Throughout that day, millions of Orthodox Ethiopians will break the fast they have been observing for almost six weeks . Accompanying the meat, egg and chicken-based dishes celebrating Christmas, they will also enjoy “Tej”, Ethiopian homemade honey-wine. Read more

In 1991, UK comedian, actor and writer Michael Palin travelled from the North Pole to the South Pole as part of a TV-series. The journey took him through Ethiopia just after the Derg-downfall, and the episode of “From Pole to Pole” in Ethiopia gives an interesting insight into a country in transition. Read more

Ambassador Jens Petter Kjemprud and State Minister Ahmed Shide signs agreement worth 900 000 NOK. Read more

The Norwegian residence in Addis Ababa, constructed in 1963 has a story to tell, having been subjected to a faith closely connected to the turbulent Ethiopian history of the last 50 years. The beautiful residence, located in the Old Airport area of the Ethiopian capital was originally built for the Major of Addis Ababa.  Read more

Few people know that the origin of coffee is from the western part of Ethiopia . One can still see wild coffee growing in the fertile forests in many parts of the region. Jimma is the capital of the old province of Kafa and it remains the most important coffe collecting centre in Ethiopia . Read more

“At the bottom of the vast sea of mankind there is a hidden treasure called Africa , in this treasure there is a pearl more precious than the others, due to the beauty of its landscape, cultures, traditions and history. The name of this pearl is Ethiopia ”     -Agostino Mantovani- Read more